How does our Safety Lighting System work?

Our Safety Lighting System ‘Link’s & Sync’s’ colored LED lights, SIMPLE control App’s, and Safety Protocols to provide one of the most versatile and reliable visual safety solutions available. 

Our proprietary control application integrates with existing safety systems such as automatic door locks and walkie-talkie panic button mechanisms, or as a completely stand-alone solution. This solution allows us to effectively communicate safety protocols to students, teachers and administrative personnel.

Here’s an example of how we adapt our Safety Control Application with existing State of Texas Security Protocols
Security Protocol Details

Instant notification delivered via colored lights throughout entire campus (Interior & Exterior).

Selected Administration individuals instantly trigger event alarms according to the event type.

All emergency event colors are based upon the State level protocols (if existing).

System is also used for Emergency Training functions for students and teachers.

Color Chart

Emergency Protocol colors can be configured to meet any existing State or Federal color code requirements.

Flashing Purple

HOLD – In your room or area. Clear all halls

Flashing Blue

SECURE – Get inside – Lock the outside doors

Flashing Red

LOCKDOWN – Locks, Lights, out of Site

Flashing Green

EVACUATE – follow evacuation routes and protocols

Flashing Orange

SHELTER – follow Hazard and Safety Strategy

Problems with existing safety systems

Most rely on audio prompts (Microphones in Main Office)

Speakers aren’t everywhere and clarity can be very poor

Can’t hear audio in gyms, band rooms, theatre’s, field houses, locker rooms, outside, etc.

Existing cellular or wifi-based systems are unreliable – poor/limited signals

GreenWatt Lighting Advantage

INSTANT visual cue

IMMEDIATE notification to everyone inside and outside the facility & 100% coverage of entire campus 


Not Wifi or Cellular based – Ultra-Reliable Bluetooth based controls (Option to have battery back-up)

Long-range Bluetooth – coverage extends to over 10 square miles

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