We Don’t install dinosaurs

 GreenWatt Lighting Solutions have created one of the most technological advanced safety lighting solutions for educational facilities and municipalities. It was
developed to meet the ever increasing threat to safety and security of kids and administrators in
schools across the country.

Using patented long-range Bluetooth mesh provides instant and reliable controllability with visual
alerts via colored LED lighting. The proprietary app allows administrators to control and manage
hundreds and thousands of devices with the Bluetooth mesh network.

It is an ideal solution for schools that want to move away from technologies dependent upon
unreliable cellular or wifi signals to execute emergency protocols. School districts across the country.
have a strong desire to increase their existing safety measures, but typically have limited budgets to
afford the cost of complex and expensive solutions which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per
school. GreenWatt provides simple and affordable packages that enhance any existing safety system
in schools to make kids safer.


“The same technology in your phone can simultaneously control 2,467 light fixtures
across 30 buildings in a 10 square mile radius, all within 1 second”

(we know the numbers are impressive)

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