What is Kid-Centric™ Lighting?

Our KID-CENTRIC lighting solution is focused on providing a system of supports to adjust the learning environment for Kids. We accomplish this through the dynamic transformation of the classroom using our proprietary lighting and control systems. Our system of supports include solutions such as SAFETY, SPECIAL EDUCATION, and more.

Research has examined numerous variables of lighting colors and illuminance levels and how they impact sleep, mood, focus, motivation, concentration and performance. 

In learning from educators, GreenWatt has developed specialty LED and DYNAMIC lighting control systems that enhance learning environments for KIDS.

Focal Points

Mood Management

Human Bodily Functions

Healthy Classrooms

How we do it?


Retrofit existing FIXED color Fluorescent or LED tube lights with Full-Range White LED Strips (Warm – Daylight)


Install full-range Color LED strips for Special Education Rooms, Talk/No-Talk light bars, and more


Provide SIMPLE Educator lighting controls for variable Color and Illumination levels

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