What is Dynamic / Functional Lighting?

Lighting plays an important role in evoking human emotions, and research has proven it directly impacts the academic outcomes of students. Poor quality and Fixed-color lighting negatively affects student’s mood, energy and focus, in addition to causing numerous health problems such as headaches, migraines, ADHD triggers, and more.

GreenWatt’s proprietary solution positively affects Kids and Educators by providing the essential tools to custom tune lights to their own unique needs right in their own classroom.

Dynamic Lighting

Functional controllers instantly changes the light color (Warm White to Daylight White), significantly reducing light sensitivities experienced by more 80% of our population.

Most educational facilities, even those who have already upgraded to LED lighting, are typically limited with choosing a single (Fixed) light color (typically 4000k / Cool White) and have very few, if any, control over the light colors to enhance the classroom environment.

Increased Mental

Use of Light Colors to Reduce Sensitivities

Special Education Environment Enhancement

Functional Lighting

Our system not only assists with getting students to class on time by being integrated with the bell schedule system, but the primary feature is providing teachers with the ability to dynamically control lighting colors to enhance each classroom activity (group activities, lectures, tests, science, math, manual work, etc.) to provide the optimal classroom environment.

Increased Behavioral
Increased Academic

Creating Safer Environments for everyone

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